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You’re here at our online Trade Show. You’re either an Exhibitor, Attendee, or guest. So… now what?

How It Works-"Exhibitor"

For Exhibitors:
  • Go to Exhibitor i-Booth Packages button from the Exhibitor home page or select it from the navigation bar on the left under the Exhibitors menu button.

  • Determine which i-Booth you would like to have constructed? Click here for Exhibitor listing types. This page shows you the options available to you and your
    i-Booth display. Also you can always build your own custom i-Booth and we can upload it or even build it for you!

  • Now Go to the Exhibitor Registration page through the Sign Up Now buttons on the Exhibitor Packages Page or the Exhibitor Registration Buttons on the diffeent pages.

  • Fill out the registration form. View our video tutorials for a step by step teaching guide.

  • Fill out the company branding section.

  • Follow all the instructions and when finished you will receive a confirmation email with your login info.

Start Building and Exhibiting:
  • Once you have finished registering, click on the "My Account" link and start designing your own online booth with our "i-Booth Builder" design area. Again you can view our video tutorials for a step by step teaching guide.

  • Within 48 hours, if you have selected one of the custom booth options, one of our friendly Account Managers will be contacting you to welcome you to our Expo and help you along with the construction of your very own i-Booth.

How It Works-"Attendee"

For Attendees:
  • Go to Attendee Registration from the Pool Spa Expo homepage or select it from the navigation bar on the left.

  • Fill out registration form.

  • Once you're confirmed as an attendee, the entire expo is available to you.
Visit i-Booths and correspond with exhibitors:

  • Browse our virtual expos and go in depth inside each exhibitor i-Booth

  • You now have the ability to do business and interact like an in-person trade show.
Utilize features and expo resources:

  • iTS Network Lounge

  • In booth user one on one chat services.

  • Meeting and Webinar options inside exhibitor i-Booths

  • Industry specific product and company search features.
Ability to do business and interact like an
in-person tradeshow:

  • Watch video promotions, tutorials, products etc.

  • Visit Pavilions, and resource, pages, etc.

  • Stay as long as you want. Make business relationships and grow your business!
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