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About Our Expo

Presented by InternetTradeShows.com, The iTS Packaging Expo is an online trade show that caters specifically to the Packing Industry. Similar to a live, on the ground expo event, our show features a variety of exhibitors displaying their products and services in i-Booths. Just like an actual convention, attendees of this event will not only have access to the businesses but they will also enjoy live entertainment, live broadcasts, seminars, education training and more. Visitors will navigate through this environment from the comfort of their home or office. Our "Industry-specific" online expo is unique and is the place to find packaging equipment, products and services within one tradeshow, 24-7-365 days a year.

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Todays Trade Show Attendee
Now with Social Media, digital lifestyles and the convenience of electronic devices, the next generation Trade Show attendee is immediately looking to find all the resources available to thrive in their marketplace. With (iTS) we give you the keys to unlock these vital resources and maintain your connection in your particular industry. Make new relationships, manage your current ones and stay current with trends and products within your particular field. Also when you're in-between shows, (iTS) is a great resource for you to stay current with new products, product education and industry information. Attendees don't have to wait a year for the next big show to connect with manufactures and distributors. Log on and search everything you need in your specific industry all in one place. iTS Online Expos!

As an iTS attendee you are able to:
Attend Trade Shows virtually online!
  • Contact suppliers
  • Browse the newest products and services
  • Join a community of professionals in your industry
  • Access our expos 24 hours a day 7 days a week

Virtual Trade Show Booth

The Exhibitor's i-Booth
The i-Booth is the key to your success in the iTS online expo world. It's the franchise or backbone of our company. Much like a booth in the traditional trade shows, the i-Booth contains all the marketing, product info, news, events, sales and contact info for your company. i-Booths are a portal into what your business offers. i-Booths are actually more advantageous than a typical website because the i-Booth has a contained and targeted audience within your specific industry. All the attendees that view your i-Booth are registered with iTS as interested participants.
Virtual Trade Show Booth
i-Booth Advantages:
  • i-Booths are 100% customizable!
  • i-Booth Live Representative Chat Services
  • Ability to run special offers and promotions
  • Linkable to your business website.
  • Virtual Store Front- Available Nationally and Internationally
  • 24-hour attendee access

Stay Connected
Make and keep relationships with suppliers, attendees, manufacturers and more! In business, the right connections are key, and staying up to date with industry trends and groundbreaking products will give your business the edge that it needs. Our online trade expos will keep you connected with your peers and introduce you to new strategic partnerships. And the best part is... you will have year-round access and exposure.
Virtual Trade Show Booth

Attend Trade Shows virtually online! Your Business Resource Center
Our online exhibitions offer an unlimited number of resources for your industry. We understand that in business, time = money. iTS saves you time and money by providing every resource needed to enhance your company...all in one place! The depth of our roster is unmatched and the variety of products, services, attendees and manufacturers is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. From networking with colleagues to making sales or purchases, iTS and its online expos are a one stop shop for all of your business needs.

Online Video Marketing
Easily the most powerful tool in marketing and advertising, video marketing is available via your i-Booth. When attendees visit your i-Booth, the possibilities are endless. Display marketing videos, commercial ads, instructional videos, product highlight spots, and much, much more! With video, you can say everything you need to say in a short amount of time. It can enhance your vision and leave an indelible impression on the show attendees who visit your booth. Through our in-house video production company, iTS can produce high end video marketing spots for your company's i-Booth, any time you need it.

Help Getting Started with Online Trade Shows Webinars
Web conferencing is available for you to conduct live meetings, training sessions and presentations. Webinars save you time and money and they enhance your ability to communicate domestically and abroad.

Business to Business Social Networking
Online social relationships are now the backbone of any good business strategy. At iTS, we appreciate that and we want every exhibitor in our expos to prosper. Our expos are the perfect venue for networking and at iTS, we've created a world where business experts, suppliers and manufacturers help you grow your company. Features such as one-on-one chat, message boards and industry-specific community forums are all at your fingertips.

Internet Trade Show Free Listings Showcases & Pavilions
Pavilions are a great way for exhibitors to showcase products and for attendees to learn about products. Pavilions are theme-based, categorized areas that are designed to house products and services in specific groups based on their similarity. For example, we have a Video Pavilion, Green Products pavilion, Education/Certification pavilion and our very popular New Products pavilion. Featuring your product in an online expo is one of the most effective ways to get your products or services noticed. For Attendees it's a great way to check out the latest new products and bring in those items that will enhance your company. For Exhibitors, now you can introduce these products at any time and across multiple industries, with just one click!

Education and Training
Trends and technology change rapidly in most industries. With new products, new methods and services, it's important for anyone in business to stay current and relevant in the marketplace. iTS helps "fill in all the gaps" and keeps you informed. iTS exhibitors bring a variety of educational tools, instructional videos, training and product certification options to help you stay informed and an the expert your industry needs.
Internet Trade Show Training and Help

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